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July 22 2017

what time is love
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July 21 2017

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engineer Karen Leadlay working on the analog computers in the space division of General Dynamics, 1964.

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July 18 2017

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July 16 2017

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July 15 2017

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July 14 2017

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When God makes David Lynch guest director for a while.

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July 11 2017

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July 04 2017

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July 01 2017

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Art from a 1975 Soviet children's book, "Home in Orbit." #2
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‘Rat Park’ -Stuart McMillen

You’ll never think about drug addiction the same way again after reading this comic.

What I found absolutely impressive and stunning about this comic is the way the artist explained the identification and elimination of the confounding factors in the Rat Park study. This is one of the hardest parts of experiments to explain to the public, and I think it was just brilliantly done.

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